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Welcome to our Family Tree Web site!

I will try to make this site interesting and easy to use for everyone. Please remember, for me it is easy to know how to navigate because I have been using this for a few years....if you have any problem at all--let me know!! I want this to be easy and enjoyable.

There are several purposes for me wanting to share this site with our Big Family, but the two primary are to post some current Family information and to allow you all to view the FAMILY TREE. I encourage you to browse the site and especially the tree-- please send me feedback with any information you may believe incorrect or incomplete.

The first time you want to view the tree you will be required to have a user name and password. There will be a link on the TREE INFORMATION page for you to email me at my "tree" address. Let me know what you want as a username and password and I will set you up as soon as possible.



Forrest J Smith & Elizabeth M (Smith) Smith 1946


 Here's how you can help.. send me as much information as you want and I will quickly add it to the tree. I plan on searching much more in detail on the European side during 2011.

 Please provide me with details like dates and place of birth, education, marriage, divorce, death, military and anything else you have.

IMPORTANT!! Please help me with this... While this site is private to family, there is one fact that I have discovered that should be hidden. During my online research, I often search government public death records. They are pretty easy to find and give some basic information good for genealogy, BUT.. it also provides social security numbers. I will gradually remove them, but ask you to email me with the names you find here that have them to make that process easier.



Communities & Forums

  Here are a few links that I use all the time  There is a whole new world of information available.

 MyFamily.Com There is nothing like this Family Site. This is the official place to go for Smith Family information.



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